Epilog AI — December 2020 Update

Epilog AI — December 2020 Update

We’re excited to share a few updates with you!

SideCar — Drive less, do more.

SideCar, Epilog's AI powered self-driving unit, December 2020

We have redesigned and renamed Sherpa to SideCar. We love the new name and hope you do too!

We are almost ready for beta testing with SideCar prototype units.

Tempo — An Electronic Body Temperature Detection System

Epilog has completed the development and filed a patent for Tempo, an advanced remote fever detection system. This product started out as a generic concept and evolved into a comprehensive solution as we identified major competitor shortcomings. Accurate fever detection normally involves expensive sensors, external temperature references (black body devices) and only reliably works at a single distance. None of the existing solutions on the market compensate for perspiration (results in erroneous readings).

Epilog believes it has developed the first affordable system that can reliably read body temperatures to an accuracy of a fraction of a degree remotely. Tempo integrates a precision black body device, compensates for subject distance, ambient temperature, humidity variations, and even perspiration.

Tempo's target price of only $1,500 makes it affordable for use at factories, doctors offices, restaurants and small businesses. We anticipate releasing the product early next year pending regulatory approvals. Thermashot is the first of a series of Epilog queue management products being readied for production.

Epilog's New Team Member!

Epilog AI wants to extend a warm welcome to Tomasz Lewicki, the newest addition to our team. He’s been brought on to help develop Tempo's software. We’re excited to have him with us and we wanted you to get to know him a little better.

What’s your name, and what is your role at Epilog?

Tomasz Lewicki, Software Engineer

How long have you been with Epilog?

1 month.

What does your typical day look like?

On most days, I work remotely from home. Then, I mostly focus on developing new parts of the software for our new product. Once a week, I come to the lab in Santa Cruz, CA and we brainstorm & validate the new piece of software I implemented.

What are you currently working on at Epilog?

I work on a new product called Tempo. It is an IR-RGB camera device that is capable of detecting people with elevated body temperature. It can be used to screen people at small businesses, schools, medical facilities, etc.

What’s your favorite part about working at the company?

My favorite part is that we get to work on an exciting product, which can have a real impact and help people come back to the “new normal”.

What motivates you to work hard?

There’s a huge demand for our technology right now. The sooner we are able to get our devices out there, the bigger change we can make in making things normal.

Here’s a fun one: Who is your hero?

Andrej Karpathy, a great teacher and engineer. His lectures started my interest in AI.

We've got a busy December ahead, but we're looking forward to next year and are excited for SideCar to launch, kickstarting production of Tempo, and of course, the opportunity to develop new products using our innovative AI imaging technology.

Here's an applaud to the resilience in all of us.

We're ready to begin the new year, and we're excited that you've joined us on this journey!

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—Epilog AI Team

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