Epilog AI — August 2020 Update

Epilog AI — August 2020 Update

It’s been quite the summer for us here at Epilog AI, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes and are continuing to develop and test our products. We’re excited to share some updates with you!

560MP System

On April 16th, 2020, Epilog entered a contract with a leading US sports and entertainment company (NYSE traded) to explore developing the highest resolution camera system in the world. The initial goal was to demonstrate a 16K x 16K (250MP) Proof of Concept (POC) with an image quality exceeding an IMAX theater, or over 100 TV screens.

Epilog just completed a POC demonstrating an image quality of 560 megapixels, far exceeding the initial goal.

The leading competitor, Red Helium 8K S35, has 33 megapixel resolution and costs $25K. A typical IMAX-quality production requires aligning and operating a cluster of Red 8K cameras, and the even more costly process of editing and stitching the resulting millions of frames of video in a typical production.

Red Helium 8K S35 provided by the client under testing — August 2020

The Epilog value proposition is drastically reducing production costs by replacing a dozen Red cameras with a single Epilog unit. The second phase of the project is now being discussed. Assuming Epilog undertakes the development, many challenges remain in creating a ruggedized fully integrated production version of the system. However, we anticipate they can be overcome in less than a year.


Our self-driving add-on, Sherpa, has been going through some upgrades and we’re testing a new redesign now. It attaches behind the rear view mirror of your car and includes a front camera to view the road, as well as a side camera to monitor the driver. We're also developing and testing camera that will be attached to the driver and passenger doors to monitor side lanes for smooth lane changing. We’ll give you more updates very soon!

Epilog Sherpa installed behind the rear view mirror. A camera monitors the driver to ensure alertness.

Epilog Tempo

The Epilog Tempo EBT (Elevated Body Temperature) Detection System is currently being prototyped and we’re getting really close to production. It has a dual thermal and visual cameras with smart software that can simultaneously scan multiple people's temperatures as they enter a lobby or office. Tempo combines high resolution tracking with thermal imaging to help with early detection of at-risk individuals.

Tempo can detect multiple people's thermal readings.

Its features include:

  • Accurate temperature detection
  • Measure at a safe distance
  • Fast response
  • Read temperatures from mobile device or computer
  • Wireless connectivity (WiFi/Bluetooth)

We thank you for joining us on this innovative adventure and hope that you are as excited as us about the opportunity and future of AI technology.

— Epilog AI Team

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